About Us
pioneering LiveSharing for the mobile and social crowd


Togeva is a mobile development company that creates software for bringing people together. Our story began in the East End of London in the summer of 2010, when our Canadian Founder & CEO Jennifer G. Sheridan piloted her first mobile App called Graffito at a large-scale music festival in the UK. Graffito - which allows users to paint graffiti-like art on their mobiles, was a huge success. And so with a PhD in Computer Science under her belt, Jennifer used whatever spare time she had in the evenings after work to build and test her mobile Apps. Several months later, she decided to leave her day job as a software developer and a mobile UX consultant in order to develop a full scale mobile LiveSharing platform. Today, Togeva's Patent Pending technology is used by over 100K users in over 125 countries and has won several awards, including Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 at the FDM everywoman in Technology Awards.

Key People