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Fitzgerald & Law spotlight Togeva's CEO

Fitzgerald & Law put Togeva's CEO in the spotlight - she describes how @FitzandLaw support has increased interest from investors. She reveals Togeva's competitive advantage in the sea of Apps, talks about her proudest business moment and defines what she thinks are the key attributes required to run a successful start-up. Find out how Alan Frew, lead singer of Glass Tiger, influenced her business!

On The Tech Show - Manoto TV

Persian-language The Tech Show on Manoto TV talks to Togeva's CEO at Digital Shoreditch 2012. We're about 2:45 into the show. Marjan TV Network launched Manoto 1 in October 2010, a channel broadcasting a stream of vibrant, dynamic entertainment ranging from documentaries to talent shows, 60% of which consisted of original productions created in the MTN studios. Its broad spectrum of content quickly gained an unprecedented following and fanbase amongst Persian-language viewers and Manoto 1 has continued to go from strength to strength in every aspect of its operations since its launch.

A Matter of App

Educational Media Researcher Cynthia Chiong reviews Art Doodle Live from an educational perspective.

Daily Candy: App-y Day

Daily Candy features Art Doodle Live "You want your scribble monster to leave his creative mark. Just not on the kitchen wall. Direct his talents to a better place care of Bridgeman Art Doodle Live, an iPad app developed by [Togeva for the] Bridgeman Art Library, an international company that makes art available for reproduction. Easy-to-use toolbars let you pull images of famous artworks and paint over them with a variety of brushstrokes and colors."

Van Gogh+Street Art? Yes, please.

Cool Mom Tech features Art Doodle Live "I've always believed it's super important to expose a child to the arts at a very young age. It gives them a better understanding of the world around them and helps them everyday objects in a new light. And while of course it may inspire them to create something themselves, after my kids saw a street art exhibit, they wanted to spray paint my backyard. Thankfully, there's an art app that's a little less destructive on the peonies." Cool Mom Tech is the intersection of tech and style, of parenting, practicality and fabulosity, brought to you by the same moms behind the influential shopping and design site, Cool Mom Picks.

Women in Tech Panel at #ds12

Come to Innovate Day at Digital Shoreditch on Tuesday May 22nd from 4pm - 5pm to see Togeva's CEO Jennifer Sheridan and other awesome ladies at the "Women in Tech" panel. Other panelists include Jo Twist (UKIE), Sophie McDonald (MzTEK), Nela Brown (G.Hack), and Al James (QMUL). Bring your questions! @DigiShoreditch