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Live Sharing enables collaboration. We have developed the most advanced mobile platform for allowing the general public to collaborate instantly, with anyone, anywhere in the world.


Do you have loads of high quality digital prints, images or video? Using the Togeva Live Sharing Platform, users can browse and mashup your digital content on their mobile device and then share it with other people around the world in realtime.


The Togeva Live Sharing Platform has integrated all of the top social networking features such as Facebook and Twitter. If you're a brand, this means you can connect instantly with your social media fans. For your fans, it means that they can connect with each other in realtime.


The Togeva Live Sharing Platform is extendable and flexible - we can offer you a wide range of unique tools and social features to include in your Live Sharing apps. Or, the Togeva Live Sharing Platform can be customized so that users have exclusive access to mobile features that no one else can provide.


The Togeva Live Sharing Platform runs on any any platform - YES, that's right. ANY platform - web, iOS, Android, you name it! Our engineers can integrate our platform with any type of device - whether a mobile phone, tablet or desktop.


Because people are mobile more than ever, you need to offer your users a service that is fast and reliable. Our platform exists in the cloud - ensuring that your customers will always receive the fastest possible service from wherever they are in the world.


Want to sell your content? The Togeva Live Sharing Platform allows you to provide one-tap in-App shopping opportunities for delivering and selling your content directly to your users.



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Art Doodle Live
£1.49 per download
Graffito Mashup
£1.49 per download
Graffito +
£0.69 per download
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Labradoodle AppTogeva's Live Sharing platform was integrated into a children's tablet app with special social sharing features for MYL Digital. MYL Digital is a pioneering creative and marketing company specialising in developing unique and arresting concepts for online interactive entertainment and its broader brand marketing applications, both on and offline. MYL was looking to create multiplayer functionality for their Puppy Club brand which is centered around providing unique and fun experiences for children and to help parents who wanted to encourage collaborative creativity in their kids. The resulting App, Puppy Club Labradoodle, is the world's most advanced drawing, painting and doodling app for children.


Bridgeman AppThe Bridgeman Art Library is the largest art library in the world. Bridgeman was looking to tap into the mobile market so that they could distribute and sell their high value, high quality Fine Art content. In addition, they needed a mobile experience that would make them stand out from the competition. Togeva built a custom Live Sharing Platform App for the Bridgeman Art Library. The App allows users to create their own paintings on their smartphone or tablet alongside works by classic and contemporary artists, by dropping them onto a virtual canvas and painting in, around and over them. Using Togeva Live Sharing technology means that users and their friends can paint on the same canvas as their friends and family, at the same time, creating a joint project even when they are far apart.